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Data is already the new oil

I have been hearing this phrase for years: Data is going to be the oil of the future. But these days the phrase has become much more tangible. Tesla has launched the subscription to full autonomous driving. Until now, autonomous…

Likes don’t pay the bills

The second beer was very cold. We toasted after a looong time without being able to do it in person. The official excuse was to share what we are doing with our communities. The truth is that we really wanted…


I have known Sebastián Lora for just over 8 years. I have always been impressed by his ability as a communicator. I would say innate because I have always seen him that way, but when he tells his story it…

Altruistic but not unrewarding

Saturday was a special day. A very special one. The culmination of almost two years of work. Normally it would have been a year, but Covid complicated things. Although the preparation work was largely done, the start-up had to be…

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