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Are you serious about peak performance at the strategic level?

Join our unique, year-long program that brings together a small group of high-performing leaders united in mastering the challenges of leadership at the strategic level.

In this life-changing year, Guild participants develop Intellectual Courage through organized study and reflection, coaching and discussion, and powerful, semi-annual battlefield leadership experiences. True inspirational leadership comes from the content of your character and the depth of your intellectual courage.

The Mentorship includes

  • Monthly group forums with your elite peer group, using our expert facilitation. These are based on selected readings critical to understanding strategic leadership challenges. You will learn key insights from one another that will help you think differently about your ongoing business challenges. You will pick one idea each month to improve for your business. We coach you on development and implementation
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Strategic Coaching to provide advice and hold you accountable as you implement your ideas (a 30-minute private session per month)
  • Semi-Annual Capstone Experiences
  • Personal, confidential, and exclusive access to our team and network of experts for discussion and advice on your strategic issues (an additional 30-minute private session per month)
  • A World Class Peer Group – you will share your experiences and network with several other C-level strategic leaders through a private and confidential discussion group, and exclusive semi-annual strategic leaders experiences

Benefits for you

  • Develop Intellectual Courage to master the unique challenges of leadership at the strategic level
  • Gain highly actionable insights to improve your personal leadership and business performance
  • Apply a monthly strategic leadership action to your business
  • Gain powerful shared experiences and insights with fellow guild members
  • Learn practical ways to address uncertainty and complexity
  • Derive insights on how to employ empathy to build your teams
  • Deepen your understanding of strategy and how to apply it to your business
  • Develop ways to practice and master stewardship to leave a legacy in your life, business, and community
  • Enjoy personal, confidential, and exclusive expert coaching

Benefits for your organization

  • You will more effectively contribute to your company’s success
  • Inspired leaders are far more productive and impactful than those who are engaged or satisfied (Bain Consulting Group) 
  • Better strategic leadership consistently generates higher revenues, greater employee engagement, and lower employee turnover (Cornell University) 
  • Improved strategic leadership lowers the probability of bad decisions that bleed cash, demoralize employees, and lose market share 
  • Greater understanding of your business’ unique challenges at the strategic level reduces your exposure to uncertainty and complexity-related problems

Strategy Immersion

Sometimes a leadership team needs to get away from working in their business to work ON their business. This week-long Strategy immersion is just that — an opportunity to rid you and your team of distraction and get the hard strategy work finally DONE. Our strategy experts will design a week in which you produce the core elements of a winning strategy — a strategy that enables your company to be resilient toward strategic level challenges and not be held hostage to a rigid plan. Stay ahead of the competition with a strategy that:

  • Diagnoses your key challenges 
  • Develops a coherent theory of success and integrated objectives 
  • Identifies your business assumptions, risks and  opportunities 
  • Models likely internal and external reactions 
  • Develops resilience to uncertainty and complexity 
  • Sets the foundation for a realistic business plan 
  • Benefits from the insights of internationally acclaimed and award-winning strategy experts and thought leaders

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