The number 1 reason why most startups and new projects fail is because they run out of cash.

The next reasons are because the market does not need the product, it is too expensive to find customers, there are no interested investors or the business model does not work.

As a Technology Consultant my goal is to remove the first problem from the equation by validating that the business is profitable before you start investing more time and money.

I continually receive new projects like “I need a website”, “it’s im-pres-cin-di-ble to create an app”, “we need to automate this process” and with a blind confidence that when they have that custom development they will start selling like hot cakes.

But in reality it doesn’t usually work like that. I have seen many projects that invest months and thousands of euros in developing technological solutions only to find that the business does not work as they expected.

Hi, I’m Joan Carbonell

Despite having been in the software development world for more than 30 years, it is clear to me that you have to scale technology only as you validate the business. And, if you can, with the profitability that the business is generating.

So I always advise companies and entrepreneurs to look for the cheapest and fastest solution at any given moment and the one that will be the least expensive if they have to grow or pivot in the future. If there is a free or pay-per-use software, start with that and then, if necessary, develop your ideal solution. Step by step.

If possible I help you to find that software and define how to use it within your company. I don’t sell brands, I’m independent, so I’ll find the one that best suits your needs, budget and situation.

And if you have to develop, I don’t sell development projects. I can advise your trusted team or help you find a quality one so you can be sure they build what you need, when you need it and at a reasonable cost.

My experience as an entrepreneur and having worked with dozens of startups and new projects also allows me to help minimise the other problems such as clarifying your message, validating the business model or deciding the best way to go about finding customers or investors.

The goal is always to jointly create the roadmap to validate, adjust and scale your business.

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