Because your software must solve your business problems

Not create new ones

Focus on growing your business and stop trying to organize the chaos of applications

Because you should be enjoying your son’s match instead of copying data from a bloody Excel sheet.

Because it’s lunchtime, and you still haven’t finished the tasks your computer tells you to do. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Because Murphy has already shown you 24345 times that he’s still lurking.

Because you have better things to do than to understand what SELECT COUNT(*) FROM STUPIDCLIENTS WHERE STATUS=“PEST” means.

Because the “Project Manager” of the “Development Team” assures you that, after delaying the delivery of your new software for the eighteenth time, you will have it ready in another fortnight. For sure. Let me die if it’s not true!

Because you don’t want your heart to skip a beat every time you get an email that says “I have access to your computer”. Even though you know it’s impossible, isn’t it?

Because you hate being made to feel stupid by deciphering hieroglyphics like SEO, CRM, API, ERP, ETL, VR, AI or LOL.

Because you’re sick of paying 47 bills month after month after month for services that you’re ab-so-lu-te-ly convinced no one on your team uses at all. But no one dares to confirm it.

Because your employees don’t deserve to have to spend 39 minutes 24 seconds filling in a form after every 2-minute conversation with a customer.

Because you are depressed to discover, after 7 days without any fu*** new online order, that mysteriously the button to confirm the purchase has disappeared from your sales website. And no one has noticed. For the third time this month.

Because you still have to pay for and maintain that software that you supposedly replaced with a more powerful and modern one 5 years ago. Just in case.

Because no one would believe that the website that appears on the thousands of business cards you have distributed over the years has stopped working. Since when?

Because after updating seven applications and restarting your computer three times, you have already forgotten about the important and urgent thing you wanted to do.

Because here’s a notice of another legal change that will force you to talk to (and pay for) your advisors to review your website’s cookie notices, terms and conditions and all the legal mumbo-jumbo.

Because you cried tears of joy when you rescued your post-it with all your passwords that had mysteriously ended up in the paper basket. Hallelujah! Where are you going to keep it now?

Because for the third time in two years the new “expert” recommends you to throw away everything you have already developed (and paid for) and start all over again.

Because, in theory, you are responsible for your clients’ information, but, in practice, you have no f***ing idea where it is stored or who has access to it.

Because Google sends you the final warning that that software is going to stop working, that you don’t know what it’s for, but it looks like you have to replace it before the end of the month.

Because you’ve been holding your car keys in your hand for 3 hours while the system update progress bar is still at 99% with a “don’t shut me down or reboot” message.

Because you deserve better than that.

The bad news is that cases like this are more common than people want to believe.

The good news is that they can be solved.

Leave me your email address and I will tell you from my experience:

And best of all


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Basic information on protecting your data

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You don’t want to have a new website

You don’t want to have a spectacular app

You don’t want to have the best IT solution

You want to sell like crazy and your team works like clockwork

So you take care of your business

And let me take care of your IT

And by the way, do you know that how your business works is just about the most valuable thing you have?

I recommend that, either with me or with any other advisor with whom you are going to share critical information, that BEFORE BEGINNING, sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Just in case.

For your peace of mind.

And now let’s move on.

What kind of support do you need?

Quick decision on a specific problem

I personally review with you and give you my best recommendation on that problem you are facing or that decision you need to make on how to proceed with your IT system.

A direct and to the point session, either face-to-face (in Mallorca) or virtual, of a maximum of one hour for 135€ + VAT.

Digital transformation strategic plan

Together we identify the real IT needs of your company or the area of your choice. I analyse and deliver a strategic plan with the ideal tools to use in your specific case and the steps to take to implement them successfully.

Depending on the scope of the strategic plan, the service starts at 1500€ + VAT.

Support during implementation

Throughout the process of implementing the transformation plan you have my personal guidance and, if necessary, my involvement to adjust, implement, develop and, ultimately, ensure that the expected results are achieved with minimum time and effort.

Depending on the degree of involvement you require, my support starts at 2800€ + VAT per quarter.

Who am I?

I am Joan Carbonell and, as a Software Engineer and CTO, I have been helping SMEs, startups and large corporations to squeeze the most out of software to grow and have competitive advantages for more than 35 years.

Want to know how I can help you with your software and your business?