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Whatever your situation, if you are an entrepreneur or business owner living in Mallorca, these are some ways I can help you give a boost to your initiative.

Feel free to explore the one that best suits your needs.

Grow your business in Mallorca with a Mastermind Group. Find a group of entrepreneurs like you and support each other

Technology Consulting. Help you to decide which is the proper architecture to grow your specific business, which are the best

Business Launch Community. Join a community of entrepreneurs running their Business in Mallorca.

Entrepreneurs Mentorship. Assess new entrepreneurs to ideate, validate and launch their new business initiatives ensuring the best use of the
Technology & Innovation Keynote Speaker

Technology & Innovation Keynote Speaker

I love to promote the ethical use of technology which, together with creativity, produces the innovation so necessary to improve

Online training for innovators. Learn to lead innovation to grow your business and your professional career.

Campaigns in support of local businesses. Promoting shopping in the stores of Mallorca helps to develop the local economy while

Set your Digital Work and Life in Mallorca. Helping digital nomads who want to establish their business and basecamp in

Spanish wine shop search tool. If you like Spanish wine this is the website that will allow you to find

None of them fits your case?

Not sure which one is best for you?

Book a call

Book an introductory call se we can define where you’re at and where you want to go.

Create a plan

We’ll create together the right course of action to best solve the problem that is blocking your progress.

Get results

Stop worrying about your problem and know you’re on track.

Is your business initiative not progressing as it should?

If you are thinking of getting outside help, let’s talk and find out if my experience fits well.
It’s simple, fast, totally confidential and without obligation.
Either I can help you or I can’t and it’s fairly easy to identify.
If I’m not the right person, I can usually suggest someone who is.

Why me?

With more than 30 years of experience in technology and software development projects for large corporations. I also advise small companies, startups and even entrepreneurs who launch projects where technology is a key factor.

“I have been surprised by Joan’s high technical knowledge, his global vision of a very complex environment and, in spite of that, the humility and simplicity in the treatment I have seen him give to any interlocutor who was not up to it (including me).”
David Sanchez
Transformation Manager at A2secure
“Joan is a reference point both in the sector and in technology (the person everyone turns to for any doubt or need in this regard).
On a human level, it is a pleasure to work with Joan, always willing to collaborate and help others, all from the highest respect for people.”
Juan Luis Santa Cruz
Value Strategy Office at T-Systems Iberia
“Joan personifica el liderazgo empresarial. Experto en arquitectura informática muy versátil, experto en negocios de la industria turística, Joan está bien posicionado para convertirse en la referencia 2.0 como fundador del Baleares Business Leadership. Te recomendaría que hicieras negocios con él.”
Jorge Zuazola
Multilingual CEO, Leadership guru & Author

Puig de Pollensa, 90, 2-A
07015 Palma · Illes Balears · Spain

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 9AM - 5PM (European Central Time)

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