My most recent experiences and insights

  • The evolution of travel, the evolution of business

    Recently, Turistec published an article of mine titled “Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes the Traveler’s Experience.” In it, I shared my real-life experience using ChatGPT to organize a trip. How it proposed a four-day itinerary with very little information provided. And it wasn’t a standard getaway that can be found in any weekly newspaper supplement. It was… Read more

  • Google Glass: Murder by night and with malice aforethought

    Google has recently announced that it is discontinuing its Google Glass project. Those famous glasses that projected information onto the glass itself. And that had a camera to see and record what you were doing. It is not the first time I talk about this product. It was a good example of failed innovation. Especially… Read more

  • Clash of the Titans Over Artificial Intelligence

    It seemed to be a lost battle. It’s been many years since Google came to dominate the world of search. It did something that, even after all the time that has passed, still seems incredible: It put the entire internet into a single search engine. And in doing so it blew up every other search… Read more

  • Two Deaths Foretold. Lessons Learned

    It is often surprising how two very similar situations can end up with totally different outcomes. In this case the observer is the same. The difference in the user experience depends on how the provider acts. I have recently encountered two similar situations: two products that I use that are going to be discontinued. The… Read more

  • Digital Kit: Bureaucratizing Digitalization

    It is striking that when searching for “Kit Digital” in Google, no ads appear for companies that offer services associated with these aids. Similarly, almost everything that appears on Twitter about #kitdigital is institutional advertising. There are very, very few companies that use that hashtag to advertise and get new projects. People are going to… Read more

  • Technophiles vs technophobes

    What do we humans do the first time we have a conversation with an artificial intelligence that comes within our reach? I don’t think I’m the only one who, within two minutes, is already trying to get it wrong and put it on the spot and have a few laughs with friends by making a… Read more