The Consulting Boom

Recently there seems to be a boom in consulting topics. I don’t know if it will be the typical filter effect of what when you are pregnant you only see…

I am an expert in…

If yesterday I was talking about the impostor syndrome, today is a good time to see what I have some experience with. My syndrome is already screaming at me that…

Why I am writing this

Have you heard of the impostor syndrome? I have actually heard the term many times. What happens is that until now I had not finished understanding the concept. Actually, situations…
Attract talent

Create talent is not enough. Retain talent is not enough

To be able to lead any type of activity related to innovation, it is essential to be able to attract talent. It is not enough to create talent, it is not enough to retain talent, it is necessary to go a step further and create an environment that favors the attraction of talent.

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