But... who is
Joan Carbonell?

And how may I help you?

Convincing skeptics of the need to innovate is hard work. But it is even more frustrating to have to face those yes-men who at strategic meetings agree to any innovative proposal and then simply ignore it entirely until the next committee.

These is one of the usual situations that anyone interested in leading innovation should deal with. Never mind that you're a startup entrepreneur, a key manager of a Fortune 500 company or a strategic consultant, when you encounter these situations you have 2 alternatives: let them alone and start looking for another company or learn to apply the necessary strategies to keep the team motivated and open to innovation.

I help companies of all sizes to generate ideas, turn them into innovation projects, keep the entire team motivated and continuously adapt plans as results are achieved. 

And if you are a professional passionate about working in innovation environments, I also can provide you with the skills, tactics and strategies you need, and accompany you in the process to become a true innovation leader for your company or for the customers you serve.

My background

I can offer extensive experience in the development and implementation of solutions focused on business challenges and opportunities.

I have over 25 years of experience in multiple areas and industry leaders.

I'm specialist with broad training and experience in large systems architecture, technology selection and implementation of methodologies. I keep fully up to date with the latest advances in these subjects.

Also I'm a high performance achiever. I have led teams of over 100 professionals to reach an optimal level of motivation and commitment.

I've participated in the creation of innovative systems and have led pioneer projects on introducing changes on business and operational models that transformed the tourism sector.

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