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6 reasons why the CIO will be the next Chief Innovation Officer

We live in times where business volatility, new technologies, globalization and increased competition force business leaders to step back and question every aspect of their businesses. Effective innovation management should be led from the top, the CEO and the leadership team, and permeate through the organization. But the reality is that everybody's business is nobody's business or, in other words, many commanders sink the ship. [...]

Innovate, not to be the best, but to be the only one

Recently I've seen multiple times on articles and social networks the phrase "You've to be the best to succeed". And that's true: It's easier to succeed in life and in business when you're the best. Specially if you're the best at something valuable for other people. But this quote assumes something very dangerous. [...]

How a Big Mission will skyrocket your Business

Innovate or disappear. Kill or Die. Change or be changed. Disrupt or be disrupted. When we talk about innovation we’re involved in a war. The only way to survive is to do it better than the others. If you do it you’ll destroy your competitors and live for the next battle. Is that the proper mindset? […]

How to fight Disruption: Out of sight, out of business

Despite the apocalyptic messages that the end of the world is near what I really see is that people hear the messenger, smile sympathetically and continues with their normal life. When they exit from the conference room or close the article they go back to day-to-day business and quickly forget about future problems. Why? [...]