Online Payment Protection

Recently has been applied the new regulation about online payments where, again, EU is leading the security worldwide. With the new regulation to confirm any online payment the user is…

Cookie Regulation

Recent developments in terms of cookie regulation in the EU have had the unexpected effect of increasing the reading speed of European internet users by more than 600 times. Yes,…

Make things clear

The bicycle is not an innovative concept. Not at all. They’ve been around long before cars. However, until recently, they seemed like something very secondary: a hobby or a sport.…

Aero-Escape Room

I still have distant memories of going to see relatives off at the airport. We would park in front of the entrance and go with them to the gates. Not…

Insecurity notification

How to deal with a cyber-attack? It is not an easy decision. Neither for the company under attack nor for the end customer whose data is being circulated.

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