Make things clear

The bicycle is not an innovative concept.

Not at all.

They’ve been around long before cars.

However, until recently, they seemed like something very secondary: a hobby or a sport. Something for kids.

But they have been gaining more and more strength.

They are good for your health. Both physically and mentally.

As an alternative means of transport, depending on your route, they give a lot of flexibility and can save you time avoiding traffic jams and parking problems.

And, especially in our times, they have a great benefit for the health of the planet. What we need.

And all this makes cycling fashionable.

In fact, there is talk of a cycling boom.

And when something is in fashion it means there is business.

There are initiatives to improve the world of cycling. All kinds: New types of bikes, accessories for cyclists, training apps, sites and services for maintenance and countless other options.

And there are professionals who now have more options to specialize and find work in this industry.

And there are even investors who see the trend and are clear that this is an industry they need to be in.

Bike Business Hub is one of the companies born in this flourishing cycling environment.

It is by no means a new adventure for those who organize it. They are professionals with long experience in this sector who see the need to coordinate this growing demand of entrepreneurs, professionals and investors in the cycling world.

And it is clear that meeting this need can bring great value to all parties.

So, in this environment, I have been able to do my bit to help them clarify and present their proposal to all interested parties.

Because it is not enough to be on the internet and social networks. Nor is it enough to copy what others are doing. Things can’t be done without rhyme or reason. You need to have a clear strategy and know how to explain it so that it attracts the right people.

If you are interested in the world of cycling do not hesitate to visit them here.

Today I received a recommendation on LinkedIn from Till Kraemer, the founder of Bike Business Hub.

Thanks to Joan’s exceptional knowledge in the digital and tech space, she helped me get clarity on how to structure my website in a way that would generate lots of traffic and great leads. I highly recommend Joan to anyone who wants to use technology to grow their business.

Till Kraemer – Founder

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to support one of these initiatives that helps to make this world a better place.