To graduation!

This weekend we have varied our traditional family toast.

We usually use “To the revolution!” followed by the traditional clinking of glasses.

We are not very revolutionary either. We would like to change a lot of things, but without the need for violence.

The “To the revolution!” was our toast inherited from the cronies that has become part of our meals and celebrations.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a glass of wine, a glass of beer, a glass of Champagne or a glass of Bourbon.

When there is something to celebrate we resort to the “For the revolution!

This weekend, however, it was worth changing it up.

“To graduation!” is a perfect celebration for the “little one” of the house who has already finished her university degree.

And there were many things to celebrate.

Finishing a long series of years of effort focused on learning.

Having passed her final degree project with flying colours.

The start of a working career in which to put into practice what he had learned. And to learn much more from other teachers and from the real professional world.

Of course, without forgetting to continue learning, studying and recycling in this ever-changing environment.

The beginning of a more independent life. Without the annoying parents continually asking “When are you coming back?”

Ha! This will keep happening.

Every project needs its milestones and every milestone that is passed is a great excuse for celebrations.

Every week needs its weekend.

Every year needs its holidays.

(Those little details that sometimes escape me as an entrepreneur).

Because even if we are lucky enough to work at what we love, it is important to have more milestones and more celebrations on the horizon.

They are the spice of life.

Here’s to graduation!