Two birds with one stone… or rather four…

A few years ago, I was interviewed for a radio programme.

Nothing professional.

I had attended an event and, talking to a neighbour sitting next to me, she had been interested in my approach to my daughters’ education.

The thing is, the neighbour happened to work in radio. And a few days later, she called me to see if I wanted to take part in an interview on her station.

Why not?

It was a challenge for me. And that’s always a plus.

I had never been interviewed or appeared on the radio before.

What if I blank out? What if I don’t know what to answer? What if in two minutes I’ve explained everything I know? What if? What if? What if?

Come on, let’s go!

So a few days later I went to the radio station in Palma.

And the experience was great.

What struck me most was how easy and comfortable the presenters made it.

They accompanied and guided me at all times. It was all very natural.

And, as it happens, none of the whatifs showed up.

A few weeks ago, I was reviewing my options for moving forward with my public speaking programme in the Toastmasters International club to which I have belonged for years.

I attend the club almost every week and always take on some function during the meeting.
But, oddly enough, I make very few speeches.

Very few means little more than a couple a year.

(I actually go to the club to meet nice people and have a beer after the meeting)

But it was time to plan my next speech. It must be more than 5 months since I’ve made one.

So I was looking at the options offered by the programme for my level. It suggested things like creating a social media presence, writing a blog, organising an online event, creating a public relations strategy, creating a podcast, …

And then make a speech about my experience.


Create a podcast?

That sounds like a lot of work.

But it can also be fun.

And maybe I’ll even learn something.

The question then was: A podcast about what?

What I can’t do is have to spend a lot of hours preparing and documenting the content of each show.

It took a few days before I found the solution.

I remembered the interview on the radio.

And how the presenters had managed it.

That’s a skill I’d like to learn.

So it’s going to be an interview podcast.

Interviews about what?

Easy! Interviews with our own club members.

Because even though we spend hours together every week, there’s a lot we don’t know about each other.

And that certainly doesn’t require a lot of preparation.

So, I could kill two birds with one stone.

I learn how to do interviews.

We all get to know each other a little better.

We might even discover that the person who sits next to us every week can help us with something we need.

And it might even help us to introduce our club, Mallorca Wordsmiths, to people on the island who could do with improving their public speaking and leadership skills.

Well… maybe it’s four birds.

It’s all said and done.

I’ve already published four episodes.

And I have another six recorded ready to edit and publish. And there are many more to come.

Each one is an interview with one of the club members. Something that requires little preparation. On both sides.

And I’m delighted with how well it has been accepted by my colleagues.

I had to limit myself to one interview a day because they filled my agenda with their desire to participate.

Every Tuesday I publish a new one.

If you are interested you can find them on any podcast tool, including Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, under the name “Toastmasterminds”.

Or you can also listen to them at

We’ll be listening there.

P.S. And, if you’re in Mallorca, come along to a Mallorca Wordsmiths meeting some Wednesday. It will be a challenge, but you’ll see that we make it very easy for you.

P.S.2 By the way, my own interview is also published there.